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Site last updated 8/1/2021

  • 11mm OSB / Sterling Boards

  • Fire doors

  • Scaffold board seconds 5 board per customer limit (£6 per meter)

  • Small box 13cm x 23cm

  • Large box 16cm x 29cm

  • Small and Large box

  • Large Veg box Approximate 30cm x 30cm x 18cm

  • Hexagonal Planters Approximate height 30 cm Approximate width 45 cm

  • Bird Table

  • Wooden Village

  • Scaff Utility bracket (price per unit)

  • GNER Scaffolding board bracket (price per unit)

  • Shelf Bracket GOTHIC FLAT 7″ x 7.75″ (price per unit)

  • Shelf Bracket J DUCKETT & SON 6 x 6″ (price per unit)

  • Vimto bottle opener

  • Bottle Opener Wall Mounted DRINK CRAFT BEER

  • Cast Iron Hat & Coat Hook

  • Hairpin Leg RE-BAR 3 Prong Antique Iron 28" (price per unit)

  • Hairpin Leg 3 Prong Antique Iron 14″ (price per unit)

  • Kindling

  • Firewood Sack £5


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OSB Information :

We have a 100’s of sheets of 8ft x 4ft 11mm OSB boards for sale.

One side had plastic attached, which has since been removed. There is still some silicone sealant on the boards but it’s easy to clear. The other side is relativity clean and smooth.

Please notes these boards are pre used and may have a few screw holes/ socket holes and occasional damaged edges. The cheap price reflects this.


£10 each (0 – 10 boards)
£8 each (11+ boards)
£6 each (50 + boards)

The Wood Shop

Leeds wood recycling is a social enterprise
working to benefit the community and environment.

We work to sell reclaimed timber to the public for affordable prices.
So whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, trades person, artist, maker or just
a lover of salvaged wood, we’ll have something for you. We aim to be
an affordable ethical alternative to high-street DIY shops.

All of our wood is reclaimed from local businesses and building sites, we collect van loads of waste wood each day Our stock is ever – changing so keep popping in to see what we have on sale!

We also have a small showroom showcasing our in-house made products, and sell a small range of ironmongery – Brackets, hooks and bottle openers.

We are soon to start selling hardware – nails, screws and hinges to become a friendly one-stop-shop for your DIY needs!

We also sell kindling and firewood – with offers available for bulk orders

Some of the things we have in store

Softwood lengths
All sorts of sizes/dimensions, including joists and scaffold boards, skirting boards, architraves and mouldings


Sheet materials
Plywood, chipboard, OSB, MDF, laminated/veneered boards and more in a range of thickness and sheet sizes.

Internal, external, firedoors




We also provide;

Sanding service
Waxing / finishing services


Delivery is currently limited to orders over £100* subject to availability. Costs apply:

Up to 5 miles £10
Up to 10 miles £15
Up to 15 miles £20
Up to 20 miles £25

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