Woodwork and DIY courses

Want to learn new or improve your woodwork skills? We run a range of classes for adults and young people.

Finally get those jobs and projects at home finished, by developing confidence in your own woodworking ability!


Our story

In 2019 – 2020 we worked with Leeds Community Foundation to run a series of basic woodwork courses to help combat isolation and loneliness in Leeds. The courses took many forms. When the pandemic first hit, we diversified to the online world – delivering timber and tool boxes to peoples’ doors so that they could participate via zoom! Also, working in partnership with Slunglow – “The Holbeck” we delivered courses via Livestream.

What we learned was that there is a need for social, accessible basic woodwork classes, so we decided to set up a programme of work for people, designed to teach absolute beginners the fundamental skills, techniques & principles of woodworking.

The Courses

We welcome participants with no experience! Courses are largely project led, and are designed to teach you how to use the hand tools and tools most commonly found around the house, but using wood waste that would otherwise go to landfill. New courses are being created all the time, so get in touch! Let us know what you want to learn, or what you think you could teach! We love new ideas!

Our social Aims

We offer up to 2 free places per course as a thank you to our long-term volunteers and members of staff, who make up over 50% of our running workforce. We believe in investing in people. Growing and sharing skills empowers people who are marginalised from the job training market by giving free experience and training, helping to make positive changes in peoples’ lives.

So, it’s good to know that by enrolling on a course with us, you will be welcomed into a friendly learning environment while supporting your local community!

We promise to continue diverting wood waste from landfill and continue to support marginalised individuals creating a supportive community.

For more information on our courses contact leedswoodrecycling.workshop@gmail.com


“The course was excellent, it’s the third course I’ve done with you guys now… I actively recommend your courses to people I have talked to since, they have completely transformed my woodworking and DIY experiences!”