Sanded & Dyed (stained) £36 per metre

We offer a range of colours with Littlefair’s wood stain. The dye enhances the darker details penetrating the wood and leaves timber with a matt appearance

Sanded & Dyed (stained) & waxed £52 per metre

Adding wax to the dyed wood brightens the timber from a matt appearance to a beautiful deep shine when finished with Littlefair’s clear wax

Sanded & Dyed (Stained) & Oiled £49 per metre

Adding Danish oil to the dyed wood will provide greater protection with a tough waterproof finish creating a durable yet softer, silky feel.

Sand and wax £39 per metre

Littlefair’s Wax Polish is highly water repellent, but not completely waterproof, it creates a beautiful deep shine.

Sand and oil £36 per metre

Littlefair’s Danish Oil offers a highly durable, natural looking, waterproof finish.

Sand, oil and wax £49 per metre

A combination of Little fair’s danish oil with a finishing coat of clear wax creates a fantastic deep richness from the oil, alongside a smooth luster and shine from the wax. The oils will be more suitable in damp conditions